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Holistic Change Mentoring and Consultancy

Singularly or collectively we need to adapt, function and interact in a sustainable self sufficient way in a world that by nature is a sea of constant change.

How we think, behave and react culminates into our way of living. Our view of the world is consequently manifested to create our reality, be it perceived or real.

We can all adapt and change the way we think, feel, behave and even look. This applies equally to individuals and to a collective.

The Mind Body Change (MBC) approach is holistic, centered around awareness and change. Individually tailored to initiate and accommodate change while simultaneously creating foundations for harmonious and lasting results.

Holistic Change Management for:

  • Sustainable Personal, Community and Corporate Leadership
  • Prosperity
  • Reducing Stress
  • Mid-life Crisis Strategies
  • Life Balance
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Successful Relationships
  • Parenting Skills
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The opportunity for harmonic change is always at our fingertips, it's a matter of choice. Follow my blog, delve into meditation or book a consultation.


  • Mind Body Change

    Individual, Couples & Families

    We each have different needs and priorities depending on many variables, some being age, current circumstance as well as associated responsibilities...

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  • Mind Body Change

    Corporate & Community

    It is essential that the leaders of today take the time to evaluate not only the organizations that they lead but also there own core values...

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  • Mind Body Change

    Meditation Teacher

    At MBC we believe that anyone can learn to meditate. We are yet to meet a client that has not been able to learn the basics of meditation and experience its effects...

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  • Mind Body Change

    Meditation Courses

    Register your interest in attending a public course and the details of the next course will be forwarded to you as they are scheduled.

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